27 July, 2017
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What? How? Why?

In the global scenario, the educational scene is hardly short of new experiments. In fact, there is a flood of new, fancy initiatives in the educational sector opposing “rote learning” or mechanical aspects of the learning practices which have been going on for decades now. There are also new schemes for teaching and evaluation introduced by various boards. But all these attempts are have been ineffective because there is no syllabus modification, teacher orientation and inclusion of student realities in this entire scheme which facilitate these endeavours. This can only addressed by a schooling model which pays attention to all of these.

In the middle east, the limitation of space has the life of the expatriate children in a telling manner. The children are more often than not constrained to a flat-school-tuition centre itinerary, causing serious issues to their socialization. This issue can be addressed by making schools the space for socialization.

Technology has established channels for human interaction in hitherto unknown ways. If reading was the only way of gathering information and insight two generations ago, the current generation has TV, Radio, internet, digital devices and so on helping them in this process. Unfortunately, educators haven’t taken a proactive position about such developments using these as smart tools. The need of the time is to come up with a mechanism for using all these technologies as educational sources.

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