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Online Payment

HOW DO I PAY fee for my child ONLINE?

1. You must need a login ID and password to use the school parent portal or mobile app

2. Login to the parent portal/mobile app and follow the instructions


What information do I need to make Online Payments ?

Credit Card/Debit Card: You would need to provide us with the card number, CVV number and card expiry date. All these details are available on the credit card itself. You would also need to have your 3D-secure password or one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered email ID or phone number for secure confirmation of the transaction.


How much time will it take for the payment to be reflected in school account?

Once online payment is done, the payment will be reflected in the school's account within 2 business days.


How can I confirm whether the payment is received by school account?

Once payment is posted in the school's account, the parent will receive a fee payment sms from school.


Are there any hidden charges when I make the online payment?

No, there are no hidden charges when parents pay fees online.


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