Habitat School, Al Jurf, Ajman … a prestigious institute which shot into fame in a short span of three years and has a strength of around 6000 students, is marching ahead, leaving a glorious trail, a melting pot of different traditions and cultures. It is a matter of great pride to be at the helm of such a school where more than forty nationalities learn about forgetting difference, at the same time nurturing their individuality. The dictum ‘Unity in Diversity’ is lived each moment in the sanctum sanctorum of the school.


Here, we are committed to the core, to instill a humanitarian approach and to inculcate a habit of excellence in everything we do. We believe in the spark of every single moment well spent. We believe in the power of educators to eradicate narrow mindedness and impart the value of cosmopolitanism. We believe in the might of human minds that mould a futuristic vision to perfection. We believe in our strength that transformed a patch of desert into arable land. We are pioneers in integrating natural farming in the school curriculum in UAE, our contributions have set a benchmark in this area and we have been awarded multiple times for these efforts.


As we take confident strides forward, we remember our humble beginnings, our committed staff, our esteemed parents and our ever vibrant student community. My sincere gratitude goes to the parents and students of Habitat for their cooperation and for this opportunity to serve them better.


Your trust is my responsibility.

Your dreams are my passion.

Your success is my goal.

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